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Case Study

Client: Rao Overseas Consultancy (https://www.facebook.com/raooverseas)


Rao Overseas a good name when you consider few good consultants who provide actual fact based consultancy and send students abroad for further studies. They have been into business for more than 10 years and have been doing traditional marketing (mostly print & newspaper ads) to attract targeted audience. Over the time, the director was seeing a drastic decline in number of enquiries and foot falls even after increasing the marketing budget and frequency of ads. Till now they have not done much on the digital front apart from having a brochure website. They wanted to tap the digital audience, which was actually their target market. They wanted to reach out to students of age group 18-24 who want to go abroad for further study.


They were not getting enough enquiries through search engines, print & newspaper ads etc. They needed a new channel to get more exposure, and wanted to be in front of the target audience whenever it was required.


They opted for a channel where the target audience was there, they opted for Facebook as a medium to promote their services. Once the medium was decided, we followed step-by-step process to get the desired outcome.

Step 1: Research

We researched competitor's Facebook business pages in the same industry and in the same geographic area on what they were posting, how they were attracting user base, what was their content strategy, how they were engaging users etc.

Step 2: Posting

After the initial research, we decided 7-8 kind of different posts that competitors were doing, and decided to do all of them initially for 1 month to see what actually works and engages the audience. As you know, there is no tried and tested method in Social Media that if it is working for one business, it will work for another as well, lot of testing goes on in this area. So, here are the things we decided to post:

  • University & course information to attract new students
  • Videos & photos from the university to see for students
  • Positive quotes to build positive attitude amongst students
  • Visa & Foreign Education related news, latest updates, changes in visa rules etc
  • Photos of students coming for coaching, and congratulations to students who achieved visas or good IELTS results
  • We had a weekly update called #FilmyFriday, where we used to take famous scene from the Bollywood movie, and use it as a dialog to promote (sample attached)

Step 3: Paid Facebook Ads

For better visibility & reaching laser sharp audience, we did paid Facebook ads to get more likes on the page. From 500 likes when we started, in 5-6 months, we got it to 15,000 likes. The cost for each like was between Rs. 5 and Rs. 6.

Step 4: Facebook Events & Other Promotion

We created Facebook events for any spot assessment seminar. That gave better visibility to seminars, and they were able to get more footfalls in seminars just through Facebook. We also promoted the event in different related Facebook groups, which helped them gain more visibility.


As the paid ads gave better visibility and increased the reach, the good content played an important role. Students were waiting for updates especially Bollywood one on Fridays to see what we are going to update. Overall, it gave more brand visibility, and brand recall. The word of mouth also played an important role, as it was a strong brand already.

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